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Conscious Parenting with Yza de Burbure

Yza de Burbure

My name is Yza de Burbure. As a "Child Whisperer"©, I use the magic and the power of fairy tales to communicate and play with children, big and small, and through this channel I sow little seeds into their mind. I help Parents to creatively connect with their children as to give them the possibility to build awareness. I am a Certified Clinical Psychologist for children and adolescence, initiated and certified by Stephen Gilligan (The American Institute for Generative Hypnosis) in Generative Trance, I have acquired the tools to coach parents and be a creative listener. Originally from Belgium, I have been travelling on all the continents, almost.

Born in Ghent, Belgium, I’ve been living in San Fransico, Vancouver, Danang, Ho-Chî-Minh City, Manilla, Brussels, Beijing. I am also an actress, performer, initiated Montessori teacher, mother of 3.

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